• Scanning Services

    Document scanning is an economical method of converting paper (hard copy) documents into digital format which can be stored electronically.

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  • Microfilm Scanning

    We can convert old microfilm, aperture card
    and microfiche archives
    into electronic archives.

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  • Software Solutions

    We use a wide range of Software Solutions that can be adapted to suit your specific business needs. We recommend Capturepoint, Managepoint and Blue Chip.

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Document Scanning
CapturePoint is a great tool we use that enables bulk back-scanning of archived paper files and automatic filing into the Redmap Document Management system which is compatible with all major Scanning and Multi-function Devices.

CapturePoint for Forms provides a template-based scanning solution to automatically process and file structured paper and electronic documents such as Proof of Delivery (POD) dockets, Picking Lists, Donation Slips, Sales Orders, Job Sheets, etc.
A template is designed for zonal recognition of each unique form each area on the page from which data is to be extracted. This data can then be used to automatically trigger processes in an ERP or Finance system such as issuing an invoice in Accounts Receivable.