• Scanning Services

    Document scanning is an economical method of converting paper (hard copy) documents into digital format which can be stored electronically.

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  • Microfilm Scanning

    We can convert old microfilm, aperture card
    and microfiche archives
    into electronic archives.

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  • Software Solutions

    We use a wide range of Software Solutions that can be adapted to suit your specific business needs. We recommend Capturepoint, Managepoint and Blue Chip.

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Software Solutions

We use a variety of software solutions which can be adapted for your specific business needs. Depending on what you are looking for, we have a variety of different solutions.

Software Solutions we provide:

CapturePoint is enables bulk back-scanning of archived paper files and automatic filing into the Redmap Document Management system, ensuring compatibility with all devices. It can automatically process all documents for your filing requirements.
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ManagePoint is excellent software that we use which provides an easily accessible storage for all documents regardless of format. They can be filed into the system and then accessed either via a corporate network or remotely online. This can include paper files, emails and electronic documents in any compatible format.
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Blue ChipBlue Chip is a software product designed with the modern specialist practice in mind. It is a robust software application that delivers solutions for most practice configurations and business models.
It can be tailored to suit your specific requirements and we can install it for you in-house easily.
It has a huge variety of different applications that can be tailored. This ranges from an online appointment database, SMS reminders for clients, billing services, integrated payment system and various other reporting options. These are highly efficient and can be used in any business scenario.
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